5 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Golf

5 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Golf

Are you addicted to the game of golf?  For starters, we are not here to say that is a bad thing, because there are a lot worse things you could be addicted to!  Golf is a fantastic game and I recently found myself thinking about whether or not I was addicted to the game and drummed up these signs that have me pondering that question.

Here are 5 signs that you might love the game of golf a little more than the next guy.

  1. You love shopping for carpet – Most people do not think of carpet shopping as an exciting thing.  However, if you are a golf junkie you might find yourself envisioning how the carpet will roll, and what they might run on the stimpmeter!
  2. Tan lines – Golfers have great tan lines.  When you remove your hat does your head look 2 tone? When you take off your shirt does the contrast of sunburn to pasty white stand out like a sore thumb?  If so, you might be addicted to the game of golf!
  3. Gadgets – Do you find yourself buying up and/or dreaming about all of the hottest golf gadgets on the market?  If you find yourself reading golf watch reviews, daydreaming about laser putting trainers, drooling over in home golf simulators, and other such toys you just might be addicted to golf.
  4. You can recite lines from golf movies – If you are a golf nut, you can probable go line for line in some of he all time classic golf movies like Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore, Tin Cup, The Legend of Bagger Vance, or any others you are probably what we call a GOLF JUNKIE!
  5. You have pet names for certain clubs – Oh Billy Billy Billy.  Do you have a pet name for any of your clubs?  Does your putter have a special name?  Does your driver (your big stick) have a name that can or can’t be recited on TV or radio?  If so you might be a total golf geek!

Want to know where this list was compiled?  Well, I just got to thinking about some of the things I think about on a daily basis and notice about myself (especially in the golf season).  I am not going to lie, I love golf and am an addict.  If there were a 12 step program in place I would give it a run!  Admitting you have a problem is step 1, right?  🙂

Check out this guy’s take on the subject at hand:

Pretty spot on, right? We thought so!  Overall, we thought this post would be fun to write so we just went with it.  Golf is a great sport and if you take it for what it’s worth should be a great source of enjoyment and entertainment in your life.